ProGuard Plans

ProGuard 3 is our flagship plan and offers the best coverage for your money. In addition to the powertrain components, the plan covers braking, cooling, fuel and fluids, electrical system and steering for vehicles up to 150,000 miles at time of purchase. A number of major components are also covered, including ABS, air conditioning and suspension. That’s not all – ProGuard 3 coverage includes many advanced electrical parts (such as door, power mirror and seat switches) that are very costly to repair. Diagnostic rates are covered plus you have 24/7 roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement to minimize out-of-pocket expenses if your vehicle is in the shop.

Includes all ProGuard 1 & 2 coverages plus the following:

Air Conditioning: Accumulator, Compressor, Clutch, Compressor clutch bearing, Condenser, Dryer/receiver, Evaporator, Orifice tube.

Brakes: Booster and Valve, Calipers, Hydro booster, Master cylinder, Power vacuum assist, Steel brake lines and hoses, Wheel cylinders.

ABS Brakes: Accumulator, Electronic control processor, Hydraulic pump, Motor assembly, Isolation dump value, Pressure modulator valve, Wheel speed sensors (not available on 90 or 180 day agreements).

Cooling System: Electric radiator fan motor, Fan and clutch, Radiator, Thermostat, Water pump.

Electrical System: Alternator, Front and Rear wiper motor assembly, Horn, Rear window defroster switch, Starter motor assembly.

Advanced Electrical: Convertible top motor, Door lock actuators and switches, Electronic ignition module, Fuel pump, MAP Sensor, Mass Air Flow sensors, Oxygen sensors, Power window motors, switches and regulators, Seat motors and switches, Sunroof motor (not available on 90 or 180 day agreements).

Fluids: Any fluid required due to a covered component failure (exclusion refrigerant).

Fuel System: Fittings, Fuel lines.

Steering: Gear box, Power steering pump, Rack and pinion.

Suspension: Leaf and coil springs (only if broken), Pitman arms, Spindles, Tie rod ends, Upper and lower ball joints, Upper and lower control arms, Wheel bearings.

Turbo/Supercharger: All internal parts, Bearings and housing (OEM only), Shafts, Vanes, Wastegate (surcharge applies).

Labor: on all repairs

24 Hour Roadside Assistance and Towing


Rental Car Reimbursement

Ask about adding our Navigation Package to your plan.

For complete details of your coverage, please refer to your contract.