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  • Why choose ProGuard Warranty?

    We've been in the automotive industry for over sixty years so we know vehicles and the components that are most likely to fail. Unlike many other plans, we cover these parts so you are protected against unexpected and costly repairs. We have made claims service our top priority and are committed to providing the help you need to get back on the road quickly should you have a problem.

  • Why is it important to purchase a protection plan when taking delivery of my new vehicle?

    To ensure there is no lapse in coverage, your ProGuard contract must be signed at the time the vehicle is purchased. For your convenience, the cost of your plan can be wrapped up into your vehicle financing so you have peace of mind without any additional bills to pay. For vehicles no longer covered under the basic factory warranty, you must purchase the plan the same day you purchase the vehicle. For vehicles that still have factory coverage, you have until that warranty runs out. However, it is always less expensive to buy a plan when you have fewer miles on the car.

  • When does my coverage start?

    We provide day one coverage so you are protected as soon as we accept your application. For pre-owned vehicles, you are fully protected against covered repair costs the day you purchase your vehicle. For late model vehicles or those that have the balance of their manufacturer's warranty remaining, coverage begins upon expiration of the warranty.

  • How do I know if my contract is active?

    Once we have received and accepted your contract application and payment from your dealer, we will issue and mail you an ID card. You'll want to keep this card with you in case a problem occurs while on the road.

  • Are your contracts insured?

    Yes, our contracts are fully insured by A-rated insurance companies who A.M. Best considers excellent in financial strength and their ability to pay claims.

  • Am I able to upgrade my vehicle protection plan?

    Yes, you have the option to extend the term of your plan for additional coverage directly from your selling dealer. Certain guidelines may apply.

  • Can my protection plan be transferred?

    Yes. If you sell the vehicle, we offer transferable protection to the next owner, extending the value of your protection plan and vehicle.

  • Is my contract cancellable?

    Yes. In the event of a total loss or repossession, the contract may be cancelled. Please see your service contract for details.

  • Where can I take my vehicle for service?

    If you need assistance locating a repair facility, please contact ProGuard for in-network repair facilities.

  • How will my claim be paid?

    ProGuard will remit payment directly to the repair facility quickly and efficiently via credit card or check.

  • What will I be responsible for?

    You are responsible for any components or repair costs not covered by your plan in addition to your deductible.

We hope we have answered your question. If not, contact us at 877-474-9462 or email us at and a friendly ProGuard Customer Service Representative will be glad to answer any further questions.