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Commercial Vehicle

You’ve worked hard to establish a business and your customers rely on you to be there. The last thing you need to worry about is one of your vehicles breaking down or needing costly repairs. To protect yourself against unplanned expenses, consider purchasing a ProGuard Warranty Commercial Vehicle Protection Plan.

ProGuard commercial vehicle plans are available on rideshare and commercially registered vehicles, such as delivery vans, utility trucks and flatbed tow trucks. With over 70 years of automotive experience, we know vehicles and have designed our plan to include the components most likely to fail.

In addition to the powertrain components (transmission, engine and drive axle), this plan covers air conditioning, braking, cooling, fluids, suspension and steering. Electric vehicle component coverage includes not only the propulsion battery, but major components to minimize future out-of-pocket repair expenses. Plus, a ProGuard Warranty 3-month All Access subscription is included on all vehicles equipped with factory-installed satellite radio.

Commercial Vehicle Protection Plan Covered Components

Advanced Electrical: Ambient temperature sensor, Door lock actuators and switches, Electronic ignition module, Electric water pump, Liftgate motor and actuator, MAP sensor, Mass Air Flow sensor, Oxygen sensors, Power mirror motors and switches, Power sliding door motors, Power window motors, switches and regulators, Seat motors and switches, TPMS sensors.

Advanced Engine: Flywheel/Flexplate.

Air Conditioning: Accumulator, Clutch, Compressor, Compressor clutch bearing, Dryer/receiver, Evaporator, Expansion valve, Front and Rear condenser, Orifice tube, Plenums and air ducts, POA valve, Evacuation and Recharge (only in conjunction with a covered repair).

Brakes: Brake hoses, Disc brake calipers, Master cylinder, Steel brake lines, Vacuum power assist booster, Wheel cylinders.

Cooling System: Coolant recovery reservoir, Electric radiator fan motor, Fan and clutch, Heater core, Mechanical water pump, Radiator, Thermostat.

Differential and Drive Axle: All internally lubricated parts, Axle shafts, Bearings, Bushings, Carrier bearings, Center Support bearing, CV Joints, Differential housing, Drive shafts, Ring and pinion gears, Spider and side gears, Spacers, Universal joints and Yokes.

Electrical System: Alternator, Electric horn, Front and Rear wiper motor assembly, Rear window defroster switch, Starter motor and drive assembly, Starter solenoid, Voltage regulator.

Engine: Gas/Diesel – All internally lubricated parts including Camshaft and bearings, Connecting rods and bearings, Crankshaft and bearings, Cylinder block, Cylinder heads, Exhaust manifold, Exhaust valves, Hydraulic and solid lifters, Intake manifold, Intake valves, Main bearings, Oil pump and gears, Pick-up screen, Pistons, Piston rings, Push rods, Rocker arms and shafts, Timing chain and gears, Timing belt, Valve springs/retainers, Wrist pins.

EV/Hybrid: DC/DC converter, Electric traction motor, Electronic transmission/E-CVT transaxle, Extended range drive transmitter, EV/HV brake servo, High voltage A/C compressor, Onboard battery charger, Power electronic controller (electronic motor), Propulsion battery, Thermal cooling system.

Fluids and Filters: Any fluids and filters required in conjunction with a covered repair.

Four and AWD: All internally lubricated parts of the transfer case including Bearings, Bushings, Chains, Gears, Sleeves and Sprockets.

Fuel System: Fittings, Fuel lines, Fuel pump module, Primary fuel pump.

Labor on all covered repairs.

Seals and Gaskets: Cylinder heads gaskets, Intake manifold gaskets (all other seals and gaskets required in conjunction with a covered repair).

Steering: Gear box, Power steering pump, Rack and Pinion, Tie rod ends, Upper and lower control arms, shafts and bushings.

Suspension: Leaf and coil springs (only if broken), Pitman arms, Spindles, Upper and lower ball joints, Wheel bearings.

Towing: reimbursement up to $100 per breakdown.

Transmission: Automatic/Manual; All internally lubricated parts.

Automatic: Bands, Bearings, Bushings, Case, Clutch plates, Electronic switches and solenoids, Friction and steel drums, Gears and shafts, Governor, Lock-up converter, Pumps, Servo unit, Torque converter.

Manual: Bearings, Bushings, Case, Gears and shafts, Main drive gear and shaft, Overdrive housing, Shafts, Shift forks, Spacers, Synchronizers and Synchronizer drums.

Turbocharger: (OEM only) All internally lubricated parts including, Bearings, housing, Shafts, Vanes, Wastegate.

This is a summary of the ProGuard Warranty Protection Plan. Please refer to the contract provisions for additional information
including details of benefits, vehicle eligibility, specific exclusions, conditions and limitations.

ProGuard Warranty

eligible vehicles *

*SiriusXM Offer Details: Eligible customers purchasing a ProGuard vehicle protection plan in connection with their purchase of a pre-owned vehicle with factory-installed satellite radio may receive a 3-Month trial subscription (a $22.99/mo value) PLUS complimentary activation (an additional $15 value).
This offer may not be combined with any other offer for the same VIN.

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