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Have A Claim?

Have a Claim? No Problem!

Call us at 1-877-474-9462 or follow these simple instructions:

  • To ensure the best standard of care, please contact ProGuard for a recommended repair facility.
  • A towing benefit may be available per the terms of your policy; please refer to your policy for details.
  • Have the repair facility contact ProGuard prior to the repairs starting.
  • Once the proper claim procedure for claim authorization has been followed, ProGuard will pay the repair facility directly.

To protect yourself, do not authorize any work until the repair facility has a claim authorization number from ProGuard. Ask for an estimate detailing all costs and note that you will be responsible for any deductible, sales tax or non-covered expenses. If you have any questions, refer to your service contract or call us at 877-474-9462. We’re here to help.


"Very satisfied with the prompt attention I got with my claim."

Michael B.

"I feel good while traveling knowing that ProGuard has my back."

Larry D.

"Simply put ProGuard gives you peace of mind when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle."

Ernest P.

"The best! No questions asked! "

Sukhpal M.

"I'm pleased with the process and ease for the garage to obtain approval."

Alistair H.

"It is great to have ProGuard."

Daniel Q.

"The adjuster was so very kind he really made my day better!"

Aneka H.

"I am satisfied with and how the situation was handled."

Marvin L.

"The repair shop told me ProGuard was good to work with, much better than the others they have worked with, I'm very impressed so far."

Trevor R.

"I am satisfied with and how the situation was handled."

Marvin L.

"Thank you. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome."

Jimmy S.

"I mean you guys got me an engine, you rock!"

Robert M.

“Your company is very professional, courteous and helpful to the customer. I am very satisfied I would definitely recommend ProGuard to anyone I know.”

Robert G.

“You really helped me out when my wipers broke. Fantastic customer service.”

Christian M.

“Thank you. It was hassle free and needed.”

Nicholas V.

“The person that handle my claim was great and friendly.”

Agnes S.

“The warranty process was simple and efficient. So glad I purchased this warranty as it has already paid for itself and then some.“

Julian F.

“I was amazed with ProGuard. I got an actual person on the phone within seconds. He made it so easy to file a claim, pick who I wanted to take my car to, and issued payment to them quickly and easily. The best experience I’ve ever had with a warranty company!”

Devon P.

“Keep up the good work.”

Frederick G.

“This was my first time using it, I was happy to have it.”

Roberta B.

“Easy to work with, Thank you.”

Austin H.

“ I love you guys, I have been pleasantly surprised at the repairs I have needed that have been covered.”

Tina R.

“Good company.”

Khamphaysack K.

“Best service plan I’ve ever had... “

Anthony F.

“First time I had to utilize your services and I sure was impressed. Will certainly buy ProGuard again!“

Nickolas B.

“Thank you.”

Larry F.

“I have to say I’m glad I have this’s saved me money and that helps me a lot.“

Lila W.

“Great customer service and prompt service.”

Joshua N.

“Excellent job.”

John T.

“So glad we went with this company.”

April B.

“I thank God for ProGuard Warranty.”

Henry M.

“I just want to say thank you, because this is my son’s first car. And everything went well with his first repair problem. Thanks so Much.”

Sheila D.

“This was the easiest, no hassle claim that I’ve ever had. I was honestly shocked how quick and easy it was. I will now only buy a vehicle if it can be covered under ProGuard. Thank you for making this a smooth process. ”

Gina N.

“I like to thank y’all for getting the job done quickly.”

Gerald G.

“They were very fast and efficient. They made sure I understood what was going on!”

Kaieisha F.

“Fast and easy really works.”

Christopher P.

“Very helpful and courteous.”

Louis M.

“Great communication.”

Robert R.

“The customer service is always 100% professional and courteous. Plus, the wait time to speak to an actual live representative is fast and hassle free.”

Maxwell W.

“Keep up the great work!”

Eddie G.

“Everything went as planned with no problems. I would highly recommend.”

Bruce M.

“Great experience with ProGuard!!!”

Anquan D.

“I would recommend ProGuard.”

Robert M.

“I’m so glad that I purchased this warranty. Thank God for ProGuard without them I’d still be paying on a car that I’m unable to drive.”

Diedra J.

“Thank you for all your help.”

Travis S.

“They offer an excellent service with immediate response to the needs I had as a client. I recommend it 100%.”

Francisco M.

“Best warranty and service.”

Joe D.

“Very quick response and repair thank you! I’m so happy I purchased this warranty. I truly appreciate how great you guys did!”

Rayca D.

“Excellent service.”

Devon J.

“I was pleasantly surprised at how accommodating ProGuard was. We are very grateful for the good advice and the swift action. We will purchase again....thank you.”

Laura W.

“My mechanic was very impressed with ProGuard. The transaction was very smooth and easy, it was the best experience he’s had with a warranty company.”

Darlene W.

“Excellent, fast, same day service, highly recommend ProGuard.”

Shirley H.

“I would buy another warranty.”

Dianne W.

“ProGuard Warranty was a life saver when my car that I'd only had 3 months became inoperable!”

Lindsey W.

“I am very happy with them they stand behind the warranty and fixed several claims without issue. The claims they covered were more than the cost of the warranty and I still have 20k miles left.”

Dominic C.

“Best investment when purchasing any used car for your protection of high cost repairs.”

Richard D.

“Thank goodness I bought this warranty!”

Dana H.

“They were awesome .. everything went so good so blessed to have ProGuard.”

Monica S.

“I'm so thankful for my ProGuard Warranty! You never know when you will need it but it's there when you do!”

Lyla J.

“ProGuard has stood by its obligation without hassle.”

William J.

“ProGuard Warranty seemed to work very well. Went to my mechanic, he corresponded with ProGuard and my car got fixed. All was good in the neighborhood, thanks.”

Michael B.

“Our garage man said you were much easier to work with than most warranty places.”

Donna G.

“It’s a solid piece of mind for any consumer, including myself who ran into an issue.”

Christopher S.

“Fast and covered repair.”

Jason S.

“ProGuard was excellent taking care of the work on my vehicle.”

Charles S.

“Very courteous and prompt service.”

Raymond V.

“Happy with warranty service we received.”

Clarence L.

“Fast to respond, definitely was hassle free and got my vehicle back faster than I expected.”

Erik W.

“Everything happened behind the scene for me. I took my car in to have a wheel bearing replaced, and when I came back at the end of the day, all the phone calling, etc. had already happened between ProGuard and the mechanic. I paid the deductible and was on my way. Super easy.”

Timothy H.

“My ProGuard Representative Rich was of great help.”


“Have a different company for wife’s car that turned out to be nothing but scammers. ProGuard is a fresh air very pleasant to deal with. Very genuine. Would definitely use again and recommend.”

George N.

“Absolutely a great warranty program and excellent customer service.”

Eric F.

“I am very appreciative of the quick, efficient service I was given. Considering the short time from purchase of the vehicle to a problem arising, I had concerns that it would not be taken care of. I would definitely recommend ProGuard, they honor their promises.”

Daniel L.

“Great customer service, extremely helpful and made the whole process of having to get my cars transmission replaced an easy one. Very satisfied!!!”

Kayla S.

“Great customer service !!!!”

Bernadette W.

“You guys are fast and efficient thank you so much.”

Joel S.

“I’m very happy with the warranty and would definitely recommend it.”

Robert M.

“La atención fue perfecta.”

Luis G.

“The dealer strongly recommended ProGuard and I readily accepted the advice. Claim service was very satisfactory.”

William B.

“I am very pleased with this plan.”

George F.

“My claims rep was fantastic and went above and beyond to help me find the part we needed.”

Robert S.

“This was amazingly simple. I bought a used car that came with this coverage, and used it to fix some of the issues that came up after I got it home. There was no arguing over what was/was not covered. The claim was paid to the service center directly, just as stated in the policy.”

Joseph G.

“Professional service by quality people. Can’t say enough good things about the people I dealt with.”

Steven C.

“Really good, fast and reliable warranty, I’m really happy with the service the people and with Steve who’s the person that help resolve the issue with my car.”

Rolando R.

“Great job and awesome product.”

Larry W.

“I’m glad to know this purchase was as good as I hoped very satisfied.”

Forest J.

“The agent I spoke with on the phone was super helpful and answered all of my questions. She took the time to listen to my concerns.”

Crystal W.

“Thank you ProGuard Warranty I had two problems and they were both covered by ProGuard Warranty and that was right on time because it was totally unexpected.”

Linda L.

“Thank you ProGuard for providing this great service.”

Gwendolyn G.

“Very helpful and problem fixed quickly.”

Gary C.

“The repair made to our vehicle was expensive but with the ProGuard Warranty it was very manageable. Great product. I would urge anyone who owns a vehicle that is no longer covered by the factory warranty to purchase a ProGuard warranty.”

Tom M.

“Like to thank the people that helped get my car fixed I was able to make it to work in my own car so I would have to bother getting a ride thank you all.”

David L.

“Thank you so much for being a great company.”

Bruce Y.

“I am extremely satisfied with Pro Guard warranty. My car needed a water pump and belt. I was referred to Pep Boys and an very satisfied how simple and easy it was to have my car fixed and ready to go with only the deductible of 100.00 and tax to pay. I’m telling all my family and friends about Pro Guard.”


Kim Frazier

“It has pretty much paid for itself within the first 7 or 8 months. Service has been very accommodating.”

Raymond Sheehan

“I want to thank Steve from proguardwarrantycom for all the work and professional attitude he had when dealing with my Durango. It needed work not only for a manufacturer's problem but another minor problem and he not only took the time to come in early to take care of the situation and got the best price available for me but called me as often as he needed to to keep me updated on the situation. I recommend anybody out there who got a vehicle to use Proguard Warranty I'm only sorry there were only five stars and not 10 thanks again for all your help and your service.”

Teresa H.

“We went up to get the Passat and my daughter said that it runs beautifully! So far everything seems to be running well and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I won’t have any future problems with it. I want to thank you very, very much for all your assistance in getting this car repaired.”

Thank you,

Joann Tushinski

“I contacted ProGuard on November 22, 2016 and was put in contact with Mr. Steve Fox. Mr. Fox took the time to address my concerns and then facilitate a positive resolution. Within 30 minutes he contacted the service center and authorized the needed repairs. As a result, I would also like to inquire about extending and possibly adding another vehicle to my plan. Please convey to Mr. Fox my deepest appreciation for his timely response and attention to my claim.”


Vince DiSandro

“I have been working the last day and a half with Brittany and wanted to pass along to you the ease and friendliness I experienced with her. Usually dealing with a warranty company is somewhat of a process but working with her was such a pleasure. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with her and wanted to make sure that you knew that.”

Sherry Polish
Mike's Muffler Center

“We began doing business with ProGuard Warranty over 3 years ago. We have found through those years that their professionalism and extensive attention given to each customer that is faced with a mechanical breakdown has been outstanding. We choose ProGuard to stand behind our vehicles to insure our customers are satisfied and that their confidence and trust has been well placed in our store. Thank you for your outstanding service.”

Artie Brooks
President, Jadta Corp.

“I just wanted to send a note of thanks to the staff at ProGuard Warranty. I am usually skeptical about purchasing extended warranties but this was one of the best investments I have made. Rich and his staff go above and beyond to make sure you are not only back on the road as soon as possible, but that you are completely satisfied and not taken advantage of by a repair facility. From finding a repair facility for you to getting you a replacement vehicle if the repair is delayed, ProGuard does it all. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority and I would recommend ProGuard Warranty.”

Thank you,

Joann Tushinski
Lake Grove, NY